The TOS Model

This paper of mine is currently in the process of being published. It’s my most important finished piece of writing yet. Essentially it sums up much of my knowledge and understanding of religions over the course of my life. Although i’ve already submitted the paper for publishing if you are interested in publishing the paper or wish to give feedback please contact me! (Click the title to view the paper)

The TOS Model:

A New Taxonomic System for the

Classification of Religious Ideologies

Jacob Ibrahim Abuhamada


There exist a number of approaches for categorizing the world’s religions, but few are effectively predictive of the beliefs, practices, and philosophies of the religions being classified as they lack regularity and are difficult to compare at the level of core ideologies. An original system is here proposed called the theology-ontology-soteriology (TOS) model. This model removes the extraneous cultural and symbolic factors of the religions, stripping them down to their cores and thus making it much easier to approach comparative religion studies for scholars and lay-persons alike. Some deeper implications that follow from the model’s full explanation will also be explored.

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  1. Ryan V. Stewart (虚空)
    Oct 01, 2014 @ 08:42:50

    I am personally interested in your approach. I myself have been working on an abstract on the universality of spiritual experience and the spiritual-mystical dimension of human consciousness as it exists both within religion and outside of it.

    I see it necessary to free spirituality from religion and treat it with greater emphasis on phenomenology and psychology. Spiritual psychology and the philosophy of spirituality are real in academia, but they are effectively fringe approaches.

    Cultural entrapment has an effect on religion, and subsequently proselytism. It’s my view that some religions in particular not only transmit their metaphysics from mind to mind, but the latent culture from which they arose. Proverbial “prisca theologia”, a perennial foundation common to all religions, exists outside of this, and yet religion is its traditional vehicle and vessel.


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