Addressing subtle obstacles to a purified or liberated consciousness is a very private, introspective matter. The deeper you dig, the worse you initially feel about yourself. You shine the light of awareness and truth upon your human nature in all its imperfections and you start to feel insecure and weak. Do not disparage yourself. The truth is that this is a sign of unimaginable strength. You should feel more encouraged about your growth and potential. If you proofread an essay before turning it in for an exam and you find a bunch of mistakes, you are given the opportunity to fix those mistakes before you are graded by the teacher. The presence of mistakes doesn’t indicate weakness. Ignoring them out of fear or laziness however, indicates a person who has no conception of how amazing they really are. Proofread your mind and correct your mistakes before “turning-in,” but never succumb to the black hole of a negative self-image which will incessantly pull at you down like a force of psychological gravity. And to continue the metaphor of the exam, remember that no one else can proofread your mind to find the errors, nor can they fix them. You are on your own in that regard. Reliance on others, like cheating during an exam, will not turn out well for you.