All we are is our experiences till now. Any meaningful statement of qualities we possess, or any kind of “nature” of our being which can be clung to as an essential “me” or “self” is entirely determined by, and in relation to, our life experiences up until now. Every experience happened either as a choice or as not a choice, and each gave us or reinforced patterns of perception and action like carving our conditioning out of a large marble block. Each block contains all possible forms within it until one in particular is uncovered, except that every day the shape is being further uncovered. There is no final form which is any bit more of an inherent entity, except that it has had further conditioning by experiences. Every consciousness is made of the same “stuff” that has been conditioned into unique arrangements by unique experiences. Each sentient mind is like a glorious sculpture, where the material of each member of the same or similar species  is the same original material. The human development process is becoming increasingly in tune with that essential “stuff”: the material from which the personality is formed (consciousness). At some point the individual can see beyond the shape of each marble statue to also recognize the self-same material each statue is made from. With the widening of perspective comes a wise detachment, a spaciousness of mind; each painful experience is a little less painful. But this is with the track of development–not age. However, it is often difficult in the higher levels of perspective to maintain an ability to interact with the sculptures as their individual sculptured forms. This is why the truly enlightened have merged the two perceptions–of sameness and difference–into a singular one. One that can accommodate multitudes. Until this point of development life alternates between one of the two perspectives. Only the highest level of “realization” can bring a perspective which does not ignore any aspect of either one.