I don’t think humans ever reach a collective crossroads, or else they are constantly in the center of one. I think the metaphor’s purpose is to raise the urgent need for change in some form, but the idea it conjures in one’s mind is far from the truth. We exist in perpetual change: Permanent, inexorable change. We can always shape that change consciously, or relegate the direction of change to agentless processes.

There are always forces of entropy and order in a tug-of-war at play in every level of every system. Thus change and interdependence are ultimately indivisible sides of the same aspect of reality. Their unity holds the key in understanding the preciousness and power of a human life. To this aim, the misleading notion of the one, grand “crossroads” is actually fairly effective. But forget the idea of it, and instead embrace the idea it seeks to impart which is that your time as a human being is very precious and deserves to be taken full advantage of in the pursuit of creativity, wisdom, compassion, and connection to the ever-changing sea of systems upon systems which make up our shared reality, and in particular the beings which breathe life and sentience into that interdependent whole.