I am very happy. I am very, very happy. Even when i may say i’m feeling stressed about one thing or another, it is a very subtle stress in the back of my mind, more akin to a mild tension which really doesn’t consume my attention all that much. While i am largely discontented with the systems of school and work, i am nonetheless joyous. I am knowing now a motivation that all my life i have strived for, but for whatever reason could not find the energy to bring forth. Right now in addition to full time work and part-time school i am finally progressing in all the areas i’ve sought to progress in.
1. I’m studying Arabic intensively, and have reached a degree of proficiency which i feel surpasses my French or Spanish at their heights. I’m hoping to be a translator of some sort, and at this rate, i will be able to do so in a couple of months or sooner.
2. I’m playing guitar every day, even if for only 10 minutes. I’m finally progressing in my personal style, becoming more fluid and natural, which i haven’t felt for a very long time. My hope with this is to have a solo album recorded and mastered by the end of the summer.
3. I’m healthy, physically and mentally. I’m taking better care of myself than i ever have, and i’m noticing profound results. I’m exercising daily, while eating primarily organic and all vegetarian, leaning towards vegan where i can. I’m also using predominantly organic hygiene products, and avoiding any kind of factory-made chemical. With all of these, i’m noticing far more energy and mental clarity than i’ve ever had.
4. I’m writing a LOT. More than i’ve ever written before in my life for so long a period. Insights come to me constantly, and my fluidity in expressing thoughts feels clearer and easier than i’ve ever yet felt. I’m fixing up my scholarly paper on religion, which i hope to publish, and i’m finally compiling together my book which will be a unification and summation of all that i have learned about life, the mind, and reality, and my ideas pertaining to them. I hope to publish the paper over the next few months, and i hope to finish writing the book over the summer.
5. Spiritually i have firmly grounded myself in the highest level of consciousness i have ever known. My mind feels like it is expanding exponentially, becoming more and more spacious, and my realizations are becoming more and more frequent. Suddenly it’s as if all the knowledge and experiences i’ve garnered over my lifetime are gravitating together forming a single, unified, body in the field of transpersonal consciousness. Everything is coming together quite profoundly.
At this rate, I don’t know what more can go right for me. My career may blossom and ripen sooner than expected, perhaps, or I may achieve a new boon while deep in meditation. Even now, love is no stranger to me, and i am wrapped in a warmth and radiance so immanent, and so profound, that time has taken on a new nature for me. Everything is just happening to me. It’s all happening precisely as it’s meant to, and I’m sitting on the sidelines of my life watching it all happen with gratitude and fascination. Every day this gratitude grows, and my love for all living things deepens further. Not only am i excited to wake up each day, I’m excited for the next day, and the day after that. Every day is the best day of my life, and there’s no sense that this feeling will be uprooted anytime soon, because it is planted within the ground of my inner being, and not my external self. 
But i have said more than enough; it’s time to go back inside.