I am much too free-thinking and individualist for this broken occupational/educational system. My work and my schooling are nothing but disappointment, stress, and frustration. If your response is that this is just life, then i’m sorry, but i want no part of your manner of living. Education can be valuable and fulfilling, and work can be efficient, creative, and focused on the well-being of the employees. The “system” is shit. I can’t stand it. As soon as i can get out, i will. Life is too short. It is meant to be meaningful and joyous. I can subsist on my compassion and creativity. And I can impact the world of scholarship on my own. These are what i will do. Call me an idealist if you will, and i will call you a cog in the machine. If you’re happy as a cog, i’m happy for you. I am not a cog, nor will i ever be. I’ve tried, and it only results in me abandoning everything i hold as significant in life. No more.