Life is so beautiful. For me to have ever chastised, denounced, or ignored any art, any discipline, any thought or belief, any person’s experience, any feeling or emotion, any body of knowledge, any creation whatsoever, was perhaps my most blundering act of ego and willful ignorance. I cannot ignore my humanity. I cannot ignore the great beauty of this world. In ignoring the world’s beauty, I ignore the beauty of my own mind, my own perception. The most vast wisdom is contained in the smallest of phenomena; a blade of grass or a pebble contains within it God, the Buddha, everything and nothing at the same time, and beyond — Beyond whatever my mind can possibly fathom. All conception dissolves in the ultimate, perfectly simply nature of the mere present moment. But I should not say “mere present moment,” for “mere” is an inadequate qualifier. The ultimate, the Absolute present moment, is only a little closer. Sat-Chit-Ananda perhaps comes closest.
Beauty is all around me. In my grasp, lying before my very eyes, my very mind, my very soul, is a universe which belongs to me. It is a universe of perfect beauty and truth, that I need only utilize love, happiness, and creativity to have the fullest access to. It is my universe. For me personally. I squander this most remarkable gift every day–every instant! And to go along with it is the other perfect gift, of life, which I also squander. I regret this so much, and this I vow to change.