The Diamond Rule

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The golden rule, when applied to one’s life, is bidirectional. By this i mean that not only do you do for others as you would have them do unto you, but you must then do or not do for yourself as you would do or not do for others respectively. There are vastly life-changing implications of this. Would you poor alcohol down the throat of a young child? Would you try to feed others fast food? If you could help it, would you let people do things that they would have any possibility of regretting afterwards? In this age, we need a new golden rule to apply after one understands the classical golden rule. Perhaps we can call it the “diamond” rule: Do TO yourself as you would do to others. Of course this requires adoption of the golden rule as a prerequisite, but assuming that has been realized, the implications are readily apparent.


*Note* When i refer to the golden rule, i don’t apply it to every small detail (e.g. i like death metal, so i will assume and act as though every one else does too). I take the rule to be: I want to be treated according to my personal desires and aversions, and so i should treat others likewise. This is the way in which i use the term here.

Pond Scum

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Love and attachment work like a pond and pond scum. Every pond is bound to have some algae in it, but if the algae is not kept in check it can grow to cover the entirety of the pond, leaving behind no clarity to the water. How unfortunate for us humans then that this pond scum cannot be fixed with any simple external object we can buy at the store, or physical action we can carry out in a few minutes time. Examine the great wellsprings of love, which, like a great body of water, move between the shores of your soul and souls of those you love. Keep the waters clear!

A Spontaneous Prayer

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Daily I transcend to higher states of mind and deeper states of soul. As Jacob fades, Ibrahim rises from the ashes. The glorious gift of consciousness wraps me in its luminous bosom. Effulgence and clarity are my brothers, while love and bliss are my sisters. Unity permeates all perception, all phenomena. The shadow which long has blocked the light of the inner infinite has been lifted from my heart. I am married to peace, and while God’s gates stand before me in all their magnificent power, I must needs remain to ferry eager voyagers across the waters of spirit.


Life is Beautiful


Life is so beautiful. For me to have ever chastised, denounced, or ignored any art, any discipline, any thought or belief, any person’s experience, any feeling or emotion, any body of knowledge, any creation whatsoever, was perhaps my most blundering act of ego and willful ignorance. I cannot ignore my humanity. I cannot ignore the great beauty of this world. In ignoring the world’s beauty, I ignore the beauty of my own mind, my own perception. The most vast wisdom is contained in the smallest of phenomena; a blade of grass or a pebble contains within it God, the Buddha, everything and nothing at the same time, and beyond — Beyond whatever my mind can possibly fathom. All conception dissolves in the ultimate, perfectly simply nature of the mere present moment. But I should not say “mere present moment,” for “mere” is an inadequate qualifier. The ultimate, the Absolute present moment, is only a little closer. Sat-Chit-Ananda perhaps comes closest.
Beauty is all around me. In my grasp, lying before my very eyes, my very mind, my very soul, is a universe which belongs to me. It is a universe of perfect beauty and truth, that I need only utilize love, happiness, and creativity to have the fullest access to. It is my universe. For me personally. I squander this most remarkable gift every day–every instant! And to go along with it is the other perfect gift, of life, which I also squander. I regret this so much, and this I vow to change.