A constant awareness of my own awareness
Shines through in a radiant fashion.
In it lies peace;
With it lies compassion;
Through it lies wisdom.

Undifferentiated purity,
Cognizer of shapes and colors and things,
How fortunate!
I have you and no other.

Beyond temporality or spatiality,
Beyond name and form,
You are the foundational root of consciousness itself.
How could there be anything greater?

I don’t understand the masses.
Somehow they can ignore you and instead,
They seek pleasure or pain extraneous to You.
Mayhaps it is ignorance as the scriptures teach.
What ignorance…

I must apologize for my years.
This teenage body tricks and deceives you in all your ancient wisdom.
You, this consciousness more ancient than even the cosmos themselves.
The body is fog that encompasses you, and hides away your brilliant glory.

In love you are always the victor.
Oh great one, I thank you so much for bringing forth non-dual agape and the bottomless wellspring of bodhicitta.
This teenage body knows only the false loves of grasping, sensory clinging, dualistic attachment, romantic lust, and the love out of duty they call storge.
Thank you for the beautiful truth of love.

Oh, substantial root of reality, when I taste alone, I know happiness like few ever do.
Surrounded by people, your luminosity still pierces the veil of social ritual and noise and mundane talk of matters that do not matter,
But only as the sun shines through on a cloudy day.
Better to remove the clouds.

Beautiful seclusion lets me enjoy the fantastic joy of inner light,
And marvel at a distance the creative power of nature and its most precious child called humankind.
One day the fetters of obscuration will fall and I will drift through the window of alone into the foreign dimensions of perfect interdependence.
What a gift!

Effulgent One, you have lifted me from the chains of gross human suffering and all that now remain are the subtlest of mind’s habitual tendencies.
The ground of suffering plaguing human existence is a vast one;
Never ending, never ceasing–but I must tirelessly work regardless.
I will unleash you to shine your radiant clear light upon everything and shatter the chains that bind all living things.

Spacious Creator of subjective reality,
Designator of the non-existence of objectivity,
One who replaces essence with void,
You fucking rock.

-J. Ibrahim Abuhamada


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