This sums up my basic philosophy/mind-set at the moment. I went through horrific suffering recently to find this–something of an existential life-crisis. Earlier today i realized a massive paradigm shift, and now my mind is completely re-forged in bodhicitta.
“the altruistic intention of one who aspires to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

All is meaningless.
All is empty.
So we create meaning,
And fill things with existence.

I am nothing.
So I have nothing to achieve;
I have no reason to
Look down on any individual.

There is no point,
But I don’t want anyone else to
Experience the pain I’ve felt.
This is my purpose.

I am not content.
If I were, I would stagnate;
There would be nothing at all
To drive my bodhicitta.

So there is no meaning;
I am nothing;
There is no purpose;
I have no contentment.

And nothing truly exists;
I will never surpass anyone;
Everyone suffers greatly;
Contentment brings stagnation.

Which really means that we make our lives;
There is never reason to be anything but humble;
There is every reason to be compassionate;
And I am content with discontent;
Because it allows me to know bodhicitta.

(Something tells me this prose poem would sound better in Chinese or some other language.)

-J. Ibrahim Abuhamada


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