I wrote these a few months ago obviously, but I felt they were worth posting here, now.


Escape Into Reality
December 16th, 2010

Poor men and women, poor families
going to the church, the temple, the mosque, and calling forth in prayer-
they lose sight of You in trance.

Poor swallowers of inebriating joys…
they are deaf and blind to the great

Your being alone do I drink;
ne’er do I trance into myself,
but by the glorious sight of non-being.

I am drunk, my mind lost in Your beautiful oblivion.
Joys yet unbeknownst to Thine world.
You will show them.
One day.


Suffer is Waste
December 24th, 2010

In the frame of a lifetime,
a joy is but a moment:
why be concerned?
Pain is but a moment:
why be concerned?
All shall come and pass.
Life too will come and pass:
why be concerned?
Strive to make use of the gift of
Benefit others;
conquer self:
this is the inexorable,
and unending truth of happiness:
this is the truth of Love.
Love openly, but not loosely.
What you seek is right there.
Have no worry, have no fear.
Why be concerned
when you have Love to share?


Reaching the Ocean
January 11th, 2011

The greatest endeavors, lost in time
But caught in the blink of an eye,
Do see the light of inward eternity,
And move on, til I give it a try.

Minutes age, and then become years;
This road has been littered with many tears.
But signposts abound, they compel me to fight,
To continue through these darkest of nights.

Thus this battle will prove to be won,
Or else I’ll find a new path to the sun.
Year or minute, it matters not-
For time is merely the veil of my lot.

I enter the now, reality crumbles to my feet
Embracing the will, even it i’ll defeat.
To the ground falls thought and ephemeral dream,
I’ve entered mind’s ocean of truth, so it seems.


Time Will Fall
January 18th, 2011

O dear Meditation,
thrust me beyond the ways of the living,
beside the mind of the dead.
time will fall,
time will surely fall.
self will be broken,
will shall destroy
itself. but Action, thy ways
know me well.
by you i see the face of the
Transcendent. and across the gateway,
through the arches, do lie
contentment. but time,
surely it will fall,
so never do i suffer but the moment
i live before i enter
Eternity. like a raindrop enters
the vast sea; like this i am.


Back: Longing
January 23rd, 2011

I’m back from an eternity of unity!
Back into the now, of time;
Back into the everything of stuff-ness;
Back into the being of existence.

I long to return to non-existence!
to be one again with Is;
to be the consciousness through consciousness;
to simply Be.