I wonder what the truth really is.
Do we really know it?
Maybe some religions hold the truth
And others don’t.
Maybe none of them do.
Maybe it’s just certain fortunate individuals who’ve found the truth
Maybe it’s just God who knows the truth,
And that’s why he’s God.
Or perhaps God is truth.
Maybe all the religions hold the truth somewhere
Maybe everything in life is permeated by truth to some degree
And also falsity.
Maybe we have souls separate from the aggregate of our psycho-physical constituents
Maybe we don’t have souls.
Maybe the mind is the soul.
Maybe morality exists.
Maybe it doesn’t.
If it does, maybe that’s the meaning of life.
Perhaps there is no meaning of of life.
Does the meaning of life relate to the nature of reality?
Does it relate to morality, or the mind, or truth, or God?
Probably, but I don’t know.
Can we know truth?
Can we know the mind?
Can we know reality, or God?
Certainly we can know God.
Or maybe not.
Is he personal or impersonal?
Maybe he’s both.
Is he a “he”?
Or a “she”?
Is she transcendent or immanent?
Maybe she’s both.
Or perhaps she’s an “it”
Maybe it’s within all of us.
Maybe it’s completely beyond us.
Maybe it’s the Creator.
Or maybe everything just was and will be for eternity
Is love the greatest human faculty?
Or maybe the capacity for enlightenment.
Maybe we can’t reach enlightenment.
Does God exist?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Or maybe God exists, but not as we’ve known God to exist.
Does existence exist?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Or maybe it exists, but not as we tend to think it exists.
Is there worth to asking these questions?
Maybe there is.
Or maybe the worth lies solely in the answers.
Maybe these questions are all of what it is to be human.
Maybe mystery is what breathes life into instruments by the hands of miniature creators,
Mimicking God.
Maybe mystery is what drives poets and adventurers mad with passion.
Maybe it drove Einstein, Lao-tze, Christ, and Muhammad.
Maybe mystery permeates the greatest sacred books the world has ever known.
Maybe it’s mystery which creates beauty and happiness and peace.
Maybe mystery is the greatest thing that we can know.
How funny would that be! The greatest wisdom is ignorance!
Or maybe not.