This is the most succinctly and effectively i can express the wisdom that God, karma, fate, or luck has bestowed me through meditation. i pray you take something positive from it, and that it may in some way benefit you and any other sentient beings.


The Mind
Jacob Abuhamada

at a time when time means nothing;
in a place that doesn’t matter;
nothing happens-
but something arises.
the arising force i know of not,
only its source and manner of dissolution:
that great faculty which is the Mind.
consciousness, like space, like clear
sunlight and moonlight together in fusion:
this is purity; this is reality.
learn to see it and embrace all things.
learn to see it and embrace all manners of existing.
learn to see it and know truth, know bliss;
and let within itself arise the grandest of human capacities:
that which is unconditional and unconditioned;
that which spans compassion, kindness, and non-duality.
let this arise and know the Kingdom.
let this arise and know peace.
to seek the Kingdom, as the sages say,
is to seek the subtlest nature of one’s own mind:
this is eternal Self.
physical composition is its garment.
learn to wear this garment and respect it,
and in it you will find great warmth and serenity.
to know the universe as garment,
and the All as Self,
look beyond space and time.
peer into the depths of voidness,
which permeates all conceptual and composite phenomena.
do you see it?
It is there, oh yes.
welcome it back into itself,
for in it and from it all things arise and dissolute.
know the primal condition; the first cause;
the source; the breath; the life;
for It lies within you.
Om Shanti Shalom Salam