Consciousness is Truth. Truth is Reality. Reality is God. God is Bliss.

Strange Loops are a specific type of bios (creativity) which in self-referencing nature become self-aware entities. This is what designates a sentient being. Such a Loop can’t just be destroyed. The Strange Loop is the Mind stemming from root consciousness which is Truth itself. It is Truth because it is Reality in general. It is Reality because it describes the way the physical universe is formed and governed. Physics and indeed, causality, do not follow the traditional top-down approach. Mind is not the stuff of the body; body is the stuff of the Mind. The rest of the universe can be considered a mere garment of the body. Causality – Karma – is simply a fundamental property of Existence – Consciousness itself.
God created everything, because Consciousness creates Everything – Consciousness is indeed Truth. Everything is thus not separate from its Creator: Consciousness. Body can’t be thought of as separate from Mind; we can’t consider ourselves separate from God. God Is as we Are. This is the most perfect relationship one can have with God: the relationship of Unity.
Om. ॐ. We are One with the great It-He-She: the almighty Truth-Consciousness-Bliss: the awesome Is-Are-Am: the omni-scient-present-potent: the simple Transcendent-Immanent. Yes, verily It-He-She is eternal and is Love and is Enlightenment supreme. In sum: Truth is Enlightenment; Enlightenment is Consciousness; Consciousness is Being; Being is Unity; Unity is Love; Love is God; God is Truth.
This much I know.